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Friday, September 08, 2006
When 80 - 1 = 0

Without KZLA, the L.A. radio "dial" is devoid of anything that grabs my attention on a consistent basis. As I've mentioned before, I started listening to country music and country radio just last year. Admittedly, at first it was only to listen for tunes by my favorite artist, Carrie Underwood. But, something happened. I started to like more and more and more. Before I knew it, I had KZLA on from dawn til dusk and even into the wee hours with Blair Garner. It was the soundtrack, the background music, in my home for over 12-16 hours a day.

Today I had my little portable headset while I was out and about running errands. Sometimes I'll stumble upon KMVN and, without realizing it, I'll think "hey, that's pretty funky stuff." But, that's not too often. Overall, there is a huge hole in this radio market. KZLA was certainly more significant than being 1/80th of the stations out there. This morning, I was so desperate to find anything listenable on the radio that I actually switched back to AM Talkradio, a genre that I had listened to consistently for a number of years before country music grabbed my attention and rejuvenated my love of other genres, too.

KZLA is sorely missed, but with our efforts, and the efforts of others, I'm confident country radio will be back in L.A. Our petition is gaining momentum, too. We have almost 2000 signatures! Ken's words are certainly inspiring and we're on the right track. Keep the faith, everyone!


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